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2022 Homecoming / Annual Meeting

Homecoming 2022 is a GO on Saturday, September 24, 2022.


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150th Anniversary Celebration

Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing 1873 – 1981


Please Join Us!

September 22/23/24, 2023

To celebrate:

The 150th Anniversary of the MGH SON’s founding

Anniversary Classes of ‘53, ‘58, ‘63, ‘68, ‘73, ‘78

MGH Nurses’ Alumni Association Annual Homecoming


The MGH School of Nursing, founded in 1873, closed its doors in 1981 with a profound history having trained and educated close to 8,000 nurses caring for patients worldwide.  It is a truly remarkable history of advancing patient care, nursing education, and professional nursing.  Every graduate of the school is a part of and a tribute to this heritage.


Text Box: ANNIVERSARY EVENTS    Friday 9/22 – MGH Institute of Health Professions SON: Breakfast Registration, Seminars (Future of Nursing & Future of Nursing Education), Luncheon, Tours,   and afternoon Tea with Faculty and Students    Friday Eve 9/22 – MGHNAA Welcome Cocktail Reception, Bulfinch II; Dedication of Ruth Sleeper Suite & Portrait Unveiling    Saturday 9/23 – Russell Museum Registration & Breakfast Social, MGH Business Meeting, the Premiere of our MGHSON Video, Featured Speaker, Homecoming Luncheon, Presentations, and Anniversary Class Recognition    Sunday, 9/24 – Russell Museum Brunch Updates from the MGH, the MGH Department of Nursing and the MGH Institute of Health Professions & SON    **** A weekend you will not want to miss! ****